Happy Women’s Day: females being awesome in the wild

Women’s Day is a chance for us to celebrate the women in our lives. Obviously the animals in this photoblog will never have to protest against pass laws, but animals and humans have more in common than you might think! Have a look at these gorgeous photos of females in the wild, and you might start to agree …

1. Sometimes they’re supportive…

Photo by Shaun Norton

2. … and sometimes they’re feisty.

Photo by Nick Rabjohnes

3. They can be really funny …

Women's Day: hyena

Photo by Ronell Brooks

4. And sometimes they see things from a mile away.

Women's Day: lioness in the mist

Photo by Frits Hoogendijk

5. They’re there to help when you’ve fallen down …

Women's Day: elephant waterhole

Photo by Chrissie de Beer

6. … Although the efforts can be tiring.

Women's Day: lioness and cub

Photo by Dylan Davies

 7. They’ve got scars, just like everyone …

Women's Day: lioness scars

Photo by Peter Olivier

8. And they’ll tell you when you’ve crossed the line.

Women's Day: leopard and cub

Photo by Jaco Marx

8. They hear EVERYTHING.

Women's day: kudu

Photo by Elmarie de Wet

 9. When nobody’s sure of the direction: they’ll set a new path

Women's Day: lion and cubs

Photo by Andrew Morgan

 10. Go show some love!

Women's Day: lion cuddles

Photo by Chad Cocking

Photos from Getaway Gallery. Visit photo.getaway.co.za to see more.