Photoblog: Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Posted by Janine Avery on 25 June 2013
 When on safari in Africa, sometimes it is better just to leave sleeping cats lie as they make for such cute pictures. These soft and fluffy cats are just so peaceful you just want to snatch them up and cuddle them or give their toes a quick tickle and run away – but you better be able to run pretty fast! They may look peaceful, but Africa’s big cats need their energy in order to hunt down their chosen menu of venison dinner (this lion versus warthog photoblog illustrates that point.) When they do sleep they’re gorgeous: just have a look at my top 10 pictures of sleeping (and sleepy) kitties.
let sleeping cats lie-lion-cub-sleeping-Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater 1

This little lion cub was snapped using his mother as the perfect pillow in the shade near Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater.


Image Source: “Sleeping Lion Cub” by William Warby

let sleeping cats lie- leopard-in-tree, Serengeti National Park 2

A leopard tries desperately to shut out the bright sunlight from his tree perch in the Serengeti National Park.

Image Source: “Leopard in Tree” by David Berkowitz

let sleeping cats lie-cheetah-cubs,Serengeti National Park 3

Even in the animal kingdom, mothers cannot get a moment of peace. These adorable cheetah cubs were photographed in the Serengeti National Park.

Image Source: “Cheetah Cubs with Mother” by George Lamson

let sleeping cats lie, serval-yawning , 4

This adorable serval at the Emdoneni Lodge animal rehabilitian project also struggles to get up in the morning.

 Image Source: “Serval” by hyper7pro

let sleeping cats lie -male-lion-sleeps 5

A male lion catches an afternoon nap in the warmth of the setting African sun near Addo.

Image Source: “Male Lion at Pumba Private Game Reserve” by

let sleeping cats lie, leopard sleeps, Kenya's Masai Mara National Park 6

Proving that contary to popular belief, it is actually a cat's life. This leopard takes a nap in a tree in the Kenya's Masai Mara National Park.

 Image Source: “Leopard, after efforts…” by Benh Lieu Song

let sleeping cats lie- leopard, queen elizabeth national park 7

A sleepy kitty at the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

Image Source: “Leopard – Panthera pardus” by David Cook Wildlife Photography

let sleeping cats lie, lion-yawns , masai mara-lion yawns 8

A lion in the Masai Mara in Kenya gives the photographer a good view of his molars and his flesh-ripping teeth.

Image Source: “Mouth Wide Open” by TangoPango

let sleeping cats lie -lazy-leopard- okavango delta-botswana- 9

A lazy leopard relaxes on a branch in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Image Source: “Fatty’s Role Model” by cloudzilla

Let sleeping cats lie -cheetah-cuddling-kenya 10

There is nothing better than a quick cuddle in the morning, just ask these cheetahs who were caught grooming each other in Kenya.

  Image Source: “Brother Grooming Brother” by TangoPango

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