5 reasons for a bush break in Chobe during Africa’s dry season

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 9 June 2022

With the world’s borders opened up, now is as good a time as any for a bush break in some spectacular southern African countries. The Chobe region is at its prime; during the dry season, you’ve got optimal visibility under starlit skies, tolerable temperatures and excellent fishing opportunities.

1. Optimal wildlife views

The Chobe River is part of the northern boundary of Chobe National Park, located close to the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari. The lack of rainfall means the grass is shorter, trees have fewer leaves and bushes are thinner, revealing the endless plains. Plenty of wildlife come out of the woodworks to the waterholes to take a sip.

Whether you’re a shutterbug or a nature enthusiast, you don’t want to miss your shot at a National Geographic cover-worthy photograph.

2. Breath-taking starry skies

You haven’t had a proper bush break until you’ve spent a night sleeping under the stars. The dry season doesn’t just mean optimal wildlife visibility, it also means you can have a pristine view of the starlit sky.

3. Tolerable temperatures

It’s no secret that the scorching African heat can be unbearable. But with the cooler months in full swing, you still get a little bit of sunshine but with more tolerable temperatures. This means you can go trekking through the expansive bushveld with ease.

4. Fantastic fishing opportunities

tiger fishing

The Chobe region is considered one of the best fishing spots in Africa, with fantastic freshwater biodiversity. The popular hard-to-catch tigerfish call these waters their home, so if you’ve got a knack for angling, why not come try your hand?

5. The best deal awaits

The Zambezi Queen Collection – known for its exquisite water-based safaris, as well as premium lodges and houseboats – is offering an all-inclusive deal of up to 45% off the Chobe River safari package, staying at the Inchingo Chobe River Lodge or aboard the Zambezi Queen or Chobe Princess houseboats.

Pictures: Getaway gallery


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