5 Low-Cost Family Activities to do in Livingstone, Zambia

Posted on 30 April 2021

There is a lot to do in Livingstone, Zambia, from leisurely escapades to adrenaline-packed adventures. The destination is famous for its sunset cruises and wildlife, but keeping the family entertained every minute can start to add up. Luckily, there are also plenty of low-cost activities to keep the whole family busy in the tourist capital of Zambia.

5 Low-Cost Family Activities to do in Livingstone, Zambia

Some of our ideas require a bit of forward planning or printing but trust us when we say that it will be worth it when you see how excited your kids will be. You might even consider sending out one parent so that the other can enjoy the opportunity to chillax with a novel or a cocktail (or both!). Keep reading if you need some inspiration for low-cost, family-friendly things to do in Livingstone, Zambia.


Selfie Street

Do you want to get a picture of the kids ‘catching’ a crocodile, pounding maize or rowing a traditional dugout mekoro canoe?  Livingstone community recently made an interactive selfie street on the long entranceway leading to the railway station. This is an easy five-minute walk from the Mosi-oa-tunya Square shopping complex and will provide free entertainment for the whole family. There are plenty of restaurants in this part of town, making this the ideal spot for a stroll before or after lunch. Don’t forget to post your photos with #selfiestreet

Bike Tours

For families with older kids able to ride, bike tours make a fantastic outing. Not only will you get the opportunity to go to a part of Livingstone that you wouldn’t likely otherwise see, but you’ll be able to tire out the kids in the process. Local Cowboy Cycle Tours have been operating in Livingstone for decades and offer fully customizable trips that start right from your hotel.

Guided Cycle Tours are typically four hours in length but can be shortened or extended based on your family’s preferences. You can decide to visit a local village, go through markets, have an historical Livingstone town tour, or meander through the high-density areas and get a clearer picture of daily life for many residents. Funds raised assist the Local Cowboy Pre and Primary School, also included as a stop on the tours.

Livingstone Museum

The Livingstone Museum is Zambia’s largest and oldest museum, with the opening dating back to 1934. Located in the centre of Livingstone, this museum is open daily, including public holidays except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. There are fascinating sections, including archaeology, ethnography, natural history, and Zambian history.

The museum also houses a large gallery about David Livingstone and his life as a missionary, explorer, and doctor. Complimentary tour guides are on hand for assistance, subject to availability and all public areas are wheelchair accessible.


Livingstone town is filled with different types of markets, and each has its own character and unique treasures to find. There are craft markets at the Victoria Falls National Park and in the centre of Livingstone town beside Fairmount Hotel. The Green Market is on Kuta Way, opposite the High Court, where you will find seasonal fruit and vegetables, including towering displays of the tastiest tomatoes you’ve ever experienced. Speak to your lodge or guest house about arranging a local guide, or ask your taxi driver if they can show you around.

Maramba Market, located about ten minutes from the centre of Livingstone town, is where you will find just about everything, including the kitchen sink. It is here that you will discover carpenters making beds, live chickens for sale, elaborate chitenge outfits being designed, and local produce on offer. Second-hand clothing, or ‘salaula’ is everywhere and you can find some amazing bargains. Give your kids a budget and see if they can grab themselves some new clothes or donate the items to Lubasi Children’s Home across the street.

Victoria Falls

No two trips to this natural wonder of the world are ever the same, especially if you go into the Victoria Falls National Park at different times of the year. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is an excellent location for a photo scavenger hunt. Spend some time writing up age-appropriate treasure lists before you depart and watch the excitement begin once you arrive. Older kids can then use search online to discover unknown facts and tips about the local flora, fauna, and landscape.


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