10 fun activities for your kids to do in Cape Town this holiday

Posted by Devlin Nightingale on 25 June 2012

School holidays. They are a rather peculiar thing. They are about as elusive as the last couple Pringles when you are young; then sneak up on you like a ninja as you get older. Yes the holidays are here! Ah, so that’s why there was nobody opening the gates this week at the school.

So if you have no ideas on what to do with this sudden mini-you always by your side let these 10 things for your kids to do this holiday in Cape Town guide you.


1. Artjamming

Due to the artiste inside me this sounds almost too good to be true. If only I was young and on holiday! Artjamming is what they like to term ‘paintertainment’ and combines music, painting and freedom of expression. They currently are offering a great holiday program for each day of the week here. Cost is around R155 per person with each day offering a different aspect of art from landscape painting to fun with foam. ‘Classes’ start at 10:00am and end at 12:00pm and are sure to ignite that creative flame inside.
Find a store closest to you here.


2. Ceres Zipslide Adventures

Ah the Foefie Slide! What South African child doesn’t have fond memories of those? Well, maybe yours don’t? Yet. Get to the Ceres Adventures and leave yourselves in the capable hands of their zip-lining pros. It will cost R400 per person with tours leaving every 30min, everyday. They open at 8:00am and close at 3:00pm (4:00pm in Summer). And yes Ceres Adventures are the guys that can boast the longest zipline in Africa. You could even relive your childhood Foefie Slide memories. Sans the broken arm for letting go too soon.
Call 079 245 0354


3. Kidi-Sportz

Now I love my video games as much as the next person but as I recall we used to have a very strict “No TV games during the week policy” growing up. This gave my brother and myself ample time to get out and play. That was, however, when computers and games were far less prevalent and easier to avoid than they are today. Fret not as Kidi-Sportz, located in Durbanville, is setting about to get kids out and playing again whilst also trying to help improve motor skills and the general physicality of today’s digital generation.
Give them a call on 082 859 0686 (after 12h30)


4. Kidz Get Wild

A good way to get rid of the holiday blues and lethargy that creeps into your kids is to send them on a kids camp. KGW pride themselves as being both professional and extremely fun for kids aged 7 – 13. They offer camps of various lengths to suit you ranging from 2 to 7 days and are situated in Tulbagh. Prices depend on sibling and group bookings but expect to pay around R395 per day for a single child. This includes everything from food to activities and the next camp will take place over the 7-14 July.
For further information and enquiries call 021 712 6713


5. Cool Runnings Toboggan Track

Feel da rhythm, feel da ride. C’mon Cape Town it’s tobogganing time! Come through to Cool Runnings in Tyger Valley and experience a rush like no other. With a 1.5km track and the potential to reach speeds of about 40km/h this is likely to get anyone’s adrenaline up. Tickets can be bought on a per-ride basis and vary between R25-R280. Alternatively member passes can be organised from R600-R1800.
Call 021 949 4439 for all enquiries


6. Sunscene Outdoor Adventures

Sandboarding. It’s awesome! It has been toted as snowboarding without all the layers of clothing. Having only ever experienced sandboarding I can only assure you that it is a bucket load of fun. Also Sunscene are in the midst of their Winter Sandboarding Lessons Special which applies to groups of 8 or more and will only set you back R250 per person – inclusive of equipment hire, reserve access and a 3 hour training session. Sunscene also offer other outdoor activities like zip-lining and surfing at competitive prices and are located just outside the Table Mountain National Park.
Call them on 021 783 0203


7. Nice Touch Kids Cooking

I have rather fond memories of being able to put away a whole cake at lunch and still be starving come dinner time. I also recall being wholly dependent on my mother for nourishment and good food combinations. You can only take so many peanut butter and bovril sandwiches before asking mom for assistance. Luckily for your kids, Nice Touch Cooking in Mouille Point, are offering holiday cooking classes from 2-13 July for kids ages 4-12 – a programme of the courses can be found here . The damage is only R100 per person per day with the reward of having more competent and independent kids far outweighing the cost.
082 319 9215


8. Ratanga Junction

Being a parent, you are probably completely aware of Ratanga Junction. Boasting over 30 rides which vary from “stomach churning” to “walk in the park” there is something for everybody’s taste. Open from June 29-15 July, 10h00 to 5h00 it is the perfect way for your kids to expend all their pent up energy. Due to the nature of the rides it is suggested that you call 021-550-8504 (between 08h30-17h00) ahead of time as opening of the park is dependant on the weather. Tickets for kids under 1.3m are R75 with the taller ‘kids’ having to pay R152 or if you just want to wander around without riding you can for R50.


9. Sporting Chance

Growing up, my brother always had a keen interest in sports in a kind of ADD way – he would change favourite sports about as often as he would change his underwear. The result of this was a reluctant me being dragged to various holiday sports coaching workshops. Once I was there though my initial trepidation would instantly be replaced with new friends and a new interest in whatever sport was being taught. Sporting Chance, in Newlands, are holding a holiday coaching workshop over 9-13 July with the price depending on the course and age of your child from R150-550.
Call them on 021 683 7299


10. Gold of Africa Museum

Considering the fact that gold is such a vital part of South Africa’s past (and present) why not treat your kids to a little bit of knowledge on the subject. The weather in Cape Town is bound to leave outdoor activities firmly in the no zone on at least one day this holiday so be prepared with a museum excursion in Cape Town. Guided tours are available and are R50 for kids, R70 for adults and R60 for pensioners (why not get Grandad/Grandma to take the kids?) with the entrance fees being R25, R40 and R30 respectively.
Call them on 021 405 1540


This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more things to do with your kids. Sometimes even just having a friend over can do wonders. At the very least though, I hope this guide has helped to cull off some of the boredom that tends to creep into children during the holidays.


Photo courtesy zen

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