Things to do on Long Street: Restaurants

Posted on 4 July 2013

In the heart of the Cape Town city bowl, is a place where locals and visitors from across the globe meet to enjoy the good times the vibrant city has to offer. It’s the  Mother City‘s version of Melville, a modern Subura for the thirsty and the Camden south of the equator. You have heard about the great restaurants, and  the party-till-4 am nightlife images of the street (Check out this photoblog: Long Street at dawn.) It’s a place where epic memories are carved, some embarrassing and some worth sharing with your colleagues. OK, now that I’ve built up the momentum, here’s a guide to Long Street’s restaurants for you to nibble on (and please share your recommendations in the comments!)

1.Mama Africa

guide to long--street-restaurant-mama africa 2

Image by richiesoft

The beautiful Mama Africa, in the heart of Long Street, is the embodiment of  African hospitality.  Warm, generous and vibrant, the Mama has become a favourite with locals and tourist who are looking  for a truly African experience.  She dishes some of Africa’s favourite foods, from Karoo Lamb Chops to Mama’s Moroccan Prawns. Besides the excellent food, there is a bar and great bands to keep you entertained.  The eye-catching African art and decor is a bonus.


Tel: 021 426 1017,

2.Masala Dosa


guide to long street,restaurant- masala dosa 3

Image courtesy of  The Good Life

Named after a south Indian breakfast dish, Masala Dosa Restaurant brings a burst of Indian culture into the  city centre.  Owner Amit Raz has fused luxurious Indian decor with a hint of Bollywood. The restaurant houses fake Bollywood posters and cute little exotic kettles. The menu is uncompromisingly Indian with items such as  thali, vada and (of course) the delicious South Indian dish that the restaurant is named after.


Tel: +27 21 424 6772 , Email: [email protected]

3. Long Street Cafe

guide to long street, restaurants, long street cafe 4

 Photo by Bruce

If there is one place in Cape Town that has a great history and is still popular with the new young crowd, it is Long Street Cafe. For the past 16 years,  the restaurant has remaining the cornerstone of Cape Town’s bustling city centre.  The restaurant has preserved the original Victorian style while the open setting and relaxed décor offers clients excellent moving space. The coolest thing  about Long Street Cafe is the bistro style menu which caters for everyone throughout the day with a a variety of breakfast dishes, salads and sandwiches for a light lunch, and great evening meals.


Tel: +27(0)21 424 2464,Email: [email protected]

4. Fork

guide to long street, cape town, restaurant, fork tapas 5

 Image from

This is the Tapa capital of  Cape Town! From R40 pork rilletas to R50 Morrocan  meatballs, Fork is definitely one of most affordable restaurants in the Mother City’s centre.With bare brown walls and neatly-arranged table and couches, the minimalist decor of the  place creates a casual ambience.


Tel: 021 424 6334, Email:[email protected]

5. L’Apero ( The Grand Daddy Hotel)

guide to long street-cape town-L'Apero, grand daddy hotel 6

Image from Grand Daddy Hotel

L’Apero, Grand Daddy Hotel’s restaurant, shines brightly in the city centre. Housed in a colonial-style building, the restaurant has an urban and sophisticated ambience. From great breakfast specials to a variety of dinner and dessert options, is your all-in-one all day eating spot. The  restaurant also offers free Wi-Fi to keep you in touch (and let you Instagram your food.)


Tel: 021 424 7247,Email:[email protected]

6. Royale Eatery

guide to long street, cape town royale eatery 7

Photo by coda

With over 50 different burgers available, Royale Eatery is the burger kingdom of the Mother City: and they’re vegetarian-friendly too. However, you can also have salad or pizza if you’re allergic to burgers (sorry about that). With bohemian art lining the walls and simple decor, the burger joint pays homage to traditional American diners.  It’s great for hipster-spotting, and the milkshakes are legendary.

Tel: 021 422 4536,

7. Eastern  Food Bazaar

guide to long street-cape town, eastern food bazaar 8

Photo from detroittocapetown

 If you have been hunting for an excellent halaal spot and affordable food prices, then you should visit Eastern Food Bazaar. With a menu that ranges from Turkish cuisine to Chinese food, the restaurant is diverse enough to cater for a wide range of customers. Due to its exotic flavour, Eastern Food Bazaar attracts a large crowd: so if you can’t find a place to sit, there’s seats upstairs.


Tel: 021 461 2458,

8. Mesopotamia

guide-to-long-street-cape-town, Masepotomia.

Photo from Mesopotamia

Between Church Street and Long Street , is an exclusively Kurdish restaurant with a truly Eastern vibe. Named after the great kingdom of Mesopotamia, this spot fuses a strictly halaal menu, handmade kilms and belly dancers to create a genuine Kurdish experience. The restaurant has gone an extra mile to make you and your friends feel welcome by adding shisha (hubbly-bubbly). Don’t forget to take your shoes off when you enter the  kingdom!

Tel: 021 424 4664,  Email: [email protected]

9. Lola’s

guide to long street restaurant- lolas 10

Photo by Lisa Burnell of the Cape Town Partnership via Creative Cape Town

It’s easy to associate the name Lola’s with a kiddies’ toy shop. However, in Cape  Town, the name is synonymous with good food, great ambience and an overall great experience. Placed on the corner of Long Street and Buiten Street, the restaurant which has entered Mother City folkore, caters for clients throughout the day.  The art on the walls and the decor give the place a more vibrant and youth-friendly atsmophere.


Tel: 021 423 0885, Email:[email protected]

10. Maremoto

guide to long street,cape town, Maremoto, 10

Image by Looser Oswald on Panoramio

Maremoto Hotel and Restaurant  looks like it’s been snapped out a 1920’s magazine and placed in the 21st century Long Street. With a beautiful building constructed in the 1920s, plenty of space, extravagant decor, and a fireplace, it’s no surprise the restaurant sends you back to a bygone era.  Also a hotel, the restaurant fuses Cape, Mediterranean and Asian food to create an inviting menu.


Tel:  021 422 5877, Email: [email protected]

Main image courtesy of coda

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What are your favourite places to eat on Long Street? Please tell us in the comments!

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