Characters from The Dullstroom Bird of Prey Rehabillitation Centre

Posted on 5 July 2013

On my way back from a deliciously lazy weekend in the small fly-fishing town of Dullstroom, I stopped at the Dullstroom Bird of Prey Centre to meet some magnificent feathered creatures in their new safe haven. From small curious owls to majestic eagles with talons bigger than my hands, there were many winged wonders taking refuge at the sanctuary for rehabilitation and education. Here are a few of my favourites.

Ethel & Louis – Cape Eagle Owls

Birds of prey the Dullstroom Birds of Prey rehabilitation Centre Cape Eagle Owl 3

After Ethel was hit by a car and Louis was rescued from men who pulled his flight feathers for muthi, the two have found love at the centre and now breed baby chicks every year.

 Monty & Python – Secretary Birds

birds of prey rehabilitation centre- dullstroom secretary birds- 4

Both of these bright faced raptures arrived at the centre with horrific injuries after coming into contact with overhead power cables. Though Monty will never fly again and Python has been left with one leg shorter than the other, they seem to be settling into their new home nicely.

Brutus, Joker and Mavis – Cape Vultures

Cape Vultures at The Birds of Prey rehabilitation Centre 5

A mischievous bunch of buzzards, you will often see this trio tearing pecking at the centres netting and aviary structure. Brutus and Joker are originally from the Pretoria Zoo while Mavis arrived from another rehabilitation centre.

Ebony – Verreaux’s Eagle

Verreauxs Eagle -The-Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Centre, Dullstroom 6

After being part of a captive breeding project, Ebony came to be a resident at the centre when her breeder moved to another country. Ebony was the second hatched chick, usually killed by the first hatched as part of a natural process called Kane and Abel, which is why her breeder was originally given permission to use her in his project.

The power and stealth of this regally intimidating predator is quite clear when you take a moment to look at some of the items on its food list!

the bird of prey-rehabilitation-centre an eagles menu 7

Some scarey items on this ol’ birds menu

Sid and Buzz – Lizzard Buzzards

Lizzard Buzzard at The Dullstroom Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Centre 8

Sid arrived at the centre as a hand reared bird and Buzz a retired show bird, these two get along so well that the owner of the centre wants to do a DNA test to make sure that Buzz is in fact, a male.

Visitor information at the Birds of Prey Centre-9

Education as well as rehabilitation at Dullstrooms Birds of Prey Centre

Birds-of-Prey-Rehabilitation-Centre,information for visitors , Dullstroom 10

You will find the centre just one kilometre from Dullstroom on the Belfast to Lydenburg Road and they are open every day 09:00 – 16:00. There’s a coffee shop and you can even do some fly fishing while children play on the jungle gyms and look at the petting zoo.

birds of prey rehabilitation centre Curio and Gift Shop 11

Tea Garden, petting zoo, flyfishing and some cute mementos at the curio shop.

Next time you are meandering your way through to Dullstroom, stop by and meet some of these rescued characters.


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