10 exciting Uber rides SA is missing out on

Posted by Christi Nortier on 15 March 2019

Uber has been in sub-Saharan Africa for 6 years, allowing South Africans in Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, PE and Durban to hail the closest cab to get to and from airports, work, parties and more. Even our food can ride solo in an Uber and be dropped off at our home. Yet, some countries have an even wider range of Uber services that could bring on taxi envy.


Your pet can’t explore Mexico City on their own, but at least there are cabs kitted out just for them. The cars have special seat covers and drivers are armed with lint rollers to make sure the next furry family can jump into a clean seat. Not only cats and dogs are allowed. You can bring your rabbit, turtle, hamster, caged bird or fish bowl on board. The driver has the final say in how many pet pals you can invite for the ride. But, if they do anything more than shed hair in the car its up to the pet parent to pay for the cleaning. Guide dogs ride for free and in any Uber.

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In 2017, Uber launched a permanent fleet of boats to take tourists cruising between Croatia’s more than a thousand islands. Travellers can log onto the app and select their island of choice. From there, they can cruise to other islands as if in a city. If not, they can choose the ‘adventure’ option that gives them a boat and crew for the day. The difference is that the crew chooses where the boat is headed and for how long. The boats fit up to 8 passengers. From early this year, people can UberBoat through the city of Mumbai and skip the road traffic. There are reports that UberBOATS may be launched in parts of sub-Saharan Africa in future.


Skip all the traffic with a helicopter. Available in the south of France and Dubai, an UberBlack will fetch you for free from where you are and drop you at the helipad. From there, you can see the sights from the sky. This service was briefly available in South Africa last year when guests were flown in to the Vodacom Durban July. Uber says it may launch UberAIR in South Africa in the next few years – this would mean shoppers can hop between shopping malls by catching aircrafts that land on mall roofs.

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The idea of exploring a city on a bike is refreshing, but the sweat you build up not so much. With UberJump, you can enjoy the ride without the huff and puff using one of their e-bikes. Log onto the app and select bike. The app will show you where the nearest bike is parked, and you can walk over to it and enter a one-time pin to unlock it from its stand. The bike’s motor helps you as you pedal. Once you’re done, you can lock it to any public rack within the Uber zone of the city. The service is available in major US cities, Lisbon and Berlin.


This Uber comes with a ski rack or flatbed so that you don’t have to rent your own vehicle that will fit you, your friends and all your gear. Plus, you’ll be assured the car can handle all that snow! You can load up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards. Sorry, Tiffindell regulars – this service is only available in America.


In 2016, South Africa had the chance to hail eco-friendly electric cabs. Alas, it did not last. However, electric cabs whizz around London, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Paris and Lisbon at the same price as an UberX.



There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, and sometimes they surely don’t feel like peddling home? UberBike lets riders hail a cab with a bike rack on the back. Travellers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, can also enjoy this little luxury.


You can now hail a motorcycle in select Indian, Vietnamese or Indonesian cities to beat the traffic and see the sights. The motorcycle does come with a driver and riders are provided with a helmet. Only one passenger is allowed and it can be hailed just like a normal Uber using the app.

Uber Car Seat

Uber gives the safety you would want in your own car, but in a cab. You can select an UberX, but ask for one with a car seat. Your child needs to be older than 12 months and meet specific weight and height requirements. You get one seat per ride, and the drivers have been trained to know how to set it up and even how to buckle in your kid if your hands are full of groceries. Sadly, this is only available in some American cities.


We have all been on a solo uber trip and wished we had friends to split the bill with us. Ubers in America, Australia, Canada and India pick up three passengers who are all travelling in a similar direction. All they need to do is walk up to two blocks to meet the Uber on its route and then they get to split the fare. There are no fixed routes or schedules, so the vehicle only travels where and when it needs to.

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