Adorable bunny travels in business class

Posted on 22 January 2020

Takako Ogawa, a Japanese passenger on United Airlines flight, paid for her eight-year-old rabbit to accompany her in business class as she flew from San Francisco home to Kyoto, Japan.

Coco the bunny enjoyed treats throughout the flight. Image credit: Takako Ogawa/ Facebook

According to Lonely Planet, three years before becoming a business class ‘passenger’ Coco the rabbit had flown from Japan to the US in the hold of a plane.

However, Ogawa was concerned that Coco had become too old to do the trip in this manner again. ‘She registered Coco as an emotional support animal and paid $100 (about R1,440) to allow the blue Mini Rex bunny to enter the cabin in a carry case.’

The dapper-looking bunny wore a bowtie for the occasion and was reportedly relaxed and curious.

Coco nibbling on a croissant with a glass of champagne in the background. Image credit: Takako Ogawa/ Facebook

‘I thought it was super nice of the flight attendants to let her use the unoccupied cubicle next to me, and for bringing her treats throughout the trip,’ Ogawa told Insider.

Ogawa had resigned from her job at Google in California to start a new career back in Japan as co-founder and CEO of analytics at startup Panalyt and she said that she could not leave Coco behind in the States.

According to Ogawa said, ‘This is one of my favourite flights I’ve ever had. There’s nothing like being able to take your bunny on the plane. Coco seemed very happy in the cabin.’

Image credit: Takako Ogawa/ Facebook


Image: Facebook

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