Six animals die after Kruger electric storm

Posted by Imogen Searra on 29 January 2019

The Kruger National Park experiences severe electrical storms during the rainy summer months. The storms bring heavy rains, which is also vital for survival in the area. This summer has been particularly dry, so every bit of rain is welcome.

An unfortunate turn of events occurred at the weekend when an Eskom power line, between the Kruger Gate and Skukuza rest camp, collapsed killing a reported six animals in the process. The line had been tended to by a team from Eskom when a power failure alert was received.

When the team arrived to assess the problem, they discovered the carcasses of two lions, a rhino, which a lion was feeding on, one giraffe and two hyena. The Eskom team worked to fix the power line and had to chase away a lion from the site.

A section ranger was called in to protect them during the restoration process. The rhino horn was retrieved for safe keeping. It is speculated that the giraffe was electrocuted first, and when the lions attempted to feed on the carcass, they were electrocuted too. The hyenas followed shortly after to scavenge on scraps but were also electrocuted.


Picture: Pixabay

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