British Airways grounds ‘nearly 100%’ of its daily flights

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 10 September 2019

On Sunday 8 September British Airways (BA) announced that it would ground ‘nearly 100%’ of its daily flights on Monday and Tuesday due to a two-day strike carried out by the British Airline Pilots’ Association (Balpa). Today, Tuesday 10 September, pilots are abandoning their cockpits for the second consecutive day because of a labour dispute concerning pay.

However, domestic flights in South Africa will not be affected by the second day of the BA pilot strikes in the UK.

Image: British Airways

The strike action dramatically affects long-haul international flights and up to 850 of British Airways’ daily flights, but won’t impact domestic flights in South Africa operated by Comair, the airline franchise under British Airways which services Kulula Airlines’ domestic flight routes.

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The pilots’ strike mainly affects London’s Heathrow Airport, the flagship British carrier’s hub, and about 195,000 travellers, according to Associated Press.

The union is reportedly planning another strike later this month on 27 September.

Here’s what’s circulating on social media:

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