British pubs, restaurants to register visitors

Posted by Anita Froneman on 25 June 2020

As the international entertainment and leisure sectors slowly reopen, various health and safety measures have been implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

UK residents will soon be able to frequent their favourite pubs and restaurants but will have to register on arrival, according to The Guardian.

The UK’s hospitality industry will start to reopen soon.

Pubs and restaurants will reopen on July 4. Registering will require patrons to provide full personal details to enable contact tracing, should a specific establishment confirm a case of the virus.

The announcement caused much uproar on social media, with various people raising concerns about privacy, and other saying the collection and storage of all the data could become a logistical nightmare.

Others maintain that opening the UK’s restaurants and bars is unsafe and could lead to a second wave of infections, and others expressed their disapproval that pubs may operate, but other services such as hair dressers and gyms may not.


In South Africa, the president announced that the tourism and entertainment sector will be allowed to reopen, including sit-down restaurants. No details as to the date of reopening has been released, however.

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Image credit: Unsplash

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