China’s new high-speed train built to operate in extremely cold climates

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 12 January 2021

China will soon have a brand new high-speed bullet train operating on its railways. What sets the latest bullet train apart from other similar trains is the fact that it has been designed to operate in extremely cold climates.

China's new high-speed train was built to operate in extremely cold climates

The new trains, named CR400AF-G is capable of travelling at speeds of 350km p/h in temperatures reaching as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The train was developed as part of the Fuxing series of high-speed electric multiple-unit (EMU) trains, which is operated by the state-owned China State Railway Group, according to CCN Travel.

The train is able to operate in such low temperatures thanks to a number of optimised components. These include bolts made from material called chromium-molybdenum alloy, which is able to endure extremely low temperatures. It also features silicone sealing strips, which help prevent snow and ice from getting into the train body, stainless-steel pipes equipped with heating devices, and most importantly, temperature-resistant brake control devices.

Zhou Song, director of the China Railway Beijing Group’s bullet train center explained the breaking system, ‘If the train stops in Harbin (one of China’s coldest cities) for an hour, because of the extremely cold weather, the braking system can easily freeze if it stops moving for a while. The new system will enable the brakes to move from time to time even if the train stops, like a person who stamps his feet to keep warm in cold weather.’

It will operate on a newly developed high-speed line which connects Beijing with northeastern destinations, including cities like Shenyang and Harbin.

There is no word on when the high-speed train will begin operations in the rest of China.


Picture: Twitter/@griffithconner1

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