CNN declares South Africa’s Paradise Beach a must-see

Posted on 18 October 2018

“You must see South Africa’s beautiful Paradise Beach,” says CNN about South Africa’s beach located an hour away from Port Elizabeth.

Photograph by Werner Bayer.

Known for its tranquillity and visiting whales, the long sandy beach is situated between Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis is an underrated beach and area that’s not populated by tourists.

“The fact that nobody really knows about Paradise means we are super quiet for almost the entire year except for two weeks over December, but yet we are really close to a big city and an airport,” a local told CNN.

Described by CNN as the beach with “no palm trees, no umbrellas, no resorts”. The beauty and indulgence with Paradise Beach is that “there are just miles of empty, beautiful sand” writes CNN’s Griffin Shea. There are two spots along the beach for those who want to swim with lifeguards on duty. It’s an ideal beach for those who are looking to embrace the seaside without the crowds.

The beach is secluded enough that you could possibly walk in isolation for almost an hour along this stretch of the coast. One local wrote on TripAdvisor, “Please keep it this way for us by staying away!” Paradise beach is said to be a lot cleaner compared to the main beaches at Jeffrey’s and a morning stroll could see you picking up a range of seashells.

Now that the word is out, we suspect a lot more people might be making their way to Paradise Beach, we just hope that people remain respectful and keep it clean and that it never suffers the fate of Thailands’s poular Maya Bay, which had to be shut to tourists.

Read CNN’s full article: Paradise Beach in South Africa lives up to its name

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