Crocodile takes on honey badger in Kruger National Park

Posted by Anita Froneman on 22 March 2022

Who’s the toughest of them all? Photographer Sheila Newby from Sheila’s Africa sighted a hair-raising showdown between a crocodile and a honey badger on the H14, Ngobeni short loop in Kruger National Park.

‘It was a slow-going Saturday morning and we were particularly looking for leopards. We came across a crocodile wrestling, what initially seemed like a massive barbel-fish,’ she told Latest Sightings.

‘When I started photographing the action it became clear that the crocodile had a honey badger clenched in its jaws. The crocodile was trying to rip the honey badger to shreds! We sat there for a good hour watching this crocodile just trying its utter best to try and rip the badger apart. We then moved out of the sighting only to come back an hour later, to the crocodile now lying on the sandbank with its victim still protruding from its teeth – still intact.

‘We returned Sunday to see what had happened in the meantime – but there was no sign of the crocodile or its badger-prey,’ she continued. ‘My advice to any wildlife enthusiast would be to always be patient. Sit and wait it out. You might see nothing, but you might also have the sighting of a lifetime!’

Take a look:




Pictures: Sheila’s Africa


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