How to cure jet lag

Posted by Sarah Duff on 29 May 2012

Starting off your holiday in an exotic far-away location with jet lag is never fun. You lose your appetite, feel exhausted and wake up at 3 in the morning without any hope of getting back to sleep. There are ways to help stave off jet lag (eat small protein-rich meals, go for a walk in the sunshine, do some exercise, avoid afternoon naps, drink lots of water) but no complete cure.

Well good news – a Finnish company has developed a device that could cure jet lag. The Valkee, which looks a bit like an iPod, works by channelling light into the brain via the ear canal, stimulating the brain and helping people adapt to a different time zone.

The device is being trialled by Finnish airline Finnair, and will be offered to Business-Class passengers from this month. Let’s hope it works and is released to the public soon!


Before the Valkee comes onto the market, you’ll have to make do with traditional jet lag cures. We asked our Facebook community what their jet lag cures are:

Jean-Eduard Smeets A protein rich breakfast, lunch and supper eaten at normal mealtimes (by the local time)

Miriam Mannak I prevent jetlag by sticking to my normal routine. If I go to bed at, say, 10pm at home, I will try to stay awake until that time at my new destination. I will also set my alarm at my usual wake-up time. Sleeping the whole day really messes up our system. That said, a cat nap should not be a problem.

Nicole Stroop- Gillis Plenty of water both before, during and after your flight.

Annika Ziehen Bikram yoga

David Hitchcock Melatonin

Joanne Sperryn Coconut water

Ashleigh Palmer Acupuncture session with a traditional Chinese doctor.

Jannem Goussard Sightseeing

Robyn Preston Take off your socks and shoes and connect with the earth. Do this for about forty-five minutes or half an hour as a minimum. As strange as this sound it really works. The earth emits an inexhaustible source of negative ions which bring the human body back to balance and help neutralize the accumulated positive charge.

Michael du Preez Not always possible,but slowly adapt your sleep pattern beforehand.

Norman Parker Double captain and coke!

Kerry Biddle-Chadwick Figure out what the time will be at your destination and work backwards to see when you must go to sleep (even if it’s shortly after embarking during the day when you leave) to wake up at the correct time for your destination. Eat foods heavy in carbs to help you sleep, or if you have to stay awake for as long as possible before going to sleep to wake at the correct time at destination – eat light, high protein meals and snacks and get up often to walk around and stay hydrated. – From a veteran long-distance traveler.

Graham Bush Get wasted on the flight – then you just cure a hangover!

Patsy Smith Keep hydrated with water.

Lisa Scriven There’s actually a kinesiology ‘trick’ whereby you align your meridians to the time zone you’re going to. It might sound ‘hoakey’ but is incredibly effective and easy!

Melanie Spamer Aller I don’t get jetlag if I keep hydrated, do reiki to keep my energy flowing and set my mind and watch to my destination timezone.

Nicky Fox Nel Monster Energy Drink


Photo by shyb

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