Durban snake catcher removes four black mambas in a single day

Posted by Ashna Brijmohun on 24 November 2021

While coming across four black mambas in a single day would be considered bad luck for most individuals, this is definitely not the case for snake catcher Nick Evans. The Durban snake catcher had an extremely lucky day on Sunday, catching four black mambas, including a pregnant female, in one day.

The Black Mamba is the fastest snake in the world. It can move 4.32 to 5.4 metres per second. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Evans commented on Facebook that ‘Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day. I caught four mambas, the most I’ve caught in a day’.

According to Evans, the first snake was caught early in the morning, on a road off Varsity Drive, Reservoir Hills. The mamba was observed on the side of the road attempting to submerge itself in a recently dug up, and re-filled trench. Upon learning of the snake sighting Evans and his friend, Nick Saunders, rushed over to the scene. According to News24, an officer from Blue Security remained on the scene to keep an eye on the snake while Evans and Saunders rushed over.

Upon arrival, Evans and Saunders started working together to uncover the snake with Saunders grasping the snakes tail and Evans digging away at the surrounding rubble and sand. When the pair finally secured the mamba they realised that the snake was a heavily pregnant female Black Mamba. Evans speculated that the snake was possibly attempting to lay her eggs in the ditch. On his Facebook page, Evans said the snake was approximately 2.3 metres long and weighed about 3 kilograms. Evans additionally stated that the snake eggs would hatch in a few months time.

The second snake was at a home in Heron Street, Kharawastan, Chatsworth. Evans learned of this snake from the homeowner’s security company who sent him a video of the snake on the property. The snake put up quite a fight when being wrangled by Evans but it was eventually subdued. Evans stated that the snake was a female weighing 3 kilograms and reaching a length of 2.6 metres.

According to Evans, both the third and fourth snake catches of the day were found in Northcliff Road in Queensburgh. Evans was informed of a Black Mamba snake on a residents driveway by the homeowner. When Evans arrived he speculated that the snake was either injured or dead because it was completely still despite his presence and surrounding human activity. When Evans engaged with the snake he realised it was perfectly healthy as it reacted to his ministrations. The snake was eventually captured and secured by Evans.

The fourth snake was discovered when the same homeowner requested that Evans collect the snakes shed skin in their backyard. The said skin was actually another Black Mamba basking in the sun! The massive snake was eventually subdued and captured after wrestling with Evans. He added that the eventful Sunday was ‘one of the most amazing calls I’ve had, it was my lucky day.’

Picture: Getaway gallery


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