England’s lockdown to end on June 21

Posted by Anita Froneman on 23 February 2021

England could lift all lockdown restrictions by June 21, should all go according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s four-step plan.

More than 17.7-million British residents have had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, reports CNBC.

‘With every day that goes by, this program of vaccinations is creating a shield around the entire population, which means that we are now travelling on a one-way road to freedom and we can begin safely to restart our lives and do it with confidence,’ Johnson said at a press conference.

Step 1 includes the reopening of schools on March 8 and the mixing of two households during outdoor gatherings from March 29.

Step 2 will commence on April 12 and will see economic activities resume, such as outdoor hospitality and tourism establishments.

Step 3 on May 17 will lift the restrictions on indoor gatherings and entertainment venues, and Step 4 on June 21 will finally lift all remaining restrictions on social and economic activities such as nightclubs.

According to the BBC, several requirements must be met in order for the four-step plan to be executed:

– The vaccine rollout must continue as planned

– Evidence must show vaccination is reducing deaths

– Infection rates must not result in a surge in hospitalisations

– Any new variants of COVID-19 must not influence the level of risk tied to lifting restrictions.

There are currently travel restrictions on passengers arriving in the UK from South Africa. Direct flights between South Africa and the UK have been suspended.

Picture: Unsplash

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