EU lifts suspension of flights to southern African countries

Posted by David Henning on 11 January 2022

European Union member states have decided to lift the suspension of flights to southern African countries after a meeting by the EU’s Integrated Political Response Team on Monday, 10 January 2022.

The news was announced by the French Presidency of the EU after a meeting of the member states agreed to ‘lift the emergency brake to allow air traffic with Southern African countries to resume.

This measure comes after EU member states decided on November 26 to temporarily suspend flights from seven southern African countries after the discovery of the Omicron variant. The Omicron variant has now become the dominant strain in several EU countries.

Even though EU citizens and residents were able to return, the ban effectively meant that the usual air travel was halted. Hopefully, EU based airlines such as KLM and Lufthansa will be returning to southern African skies.

Norway has also recently scrapped entry requirements imposed against Southern African countries.

Picture: Unsplash


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