French theme park closes dolphin attraction

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 11 February 2021

In a massive win for animal rights activist groups, a major theme park in northern France has closed its dolphin and sea lion aquarium for good.

French theme park shuts down its dolphin aquarium

Asterix Park will no longer host dolphin and sea lion shows

France’s Asterix Park attracts around two million visitors yearly. A large number of these people come specifically to see the dolphin and sea lion exhibits. However, after years of pressure from animal rights activists, the theme park has made the decision to close down its main attraction, according to local French newspaper Le Parisien.

According to Nicolas Kremer, the park’s managing director who spoke to Le Parisien, Asterix Park has been considering the option of shutting down the attraction ‘for several years now’, and is looking to focus more on rides and other shows.

‘We’ve been thinking about it for several years. I would even say that the decision has been taken three years ago. But it takes time to find the right solution for the welfare of the animals, especially the dolphins,’ Kremer told Le Parisien.

Kremer confirmed that the dolphins would be transferred to other marine sanctuaries around Europe in the coming months. The decision to relocate the animals was made in conjunction with the European Association of Aquatic Mammals.

Sadly, reintroducing the animals into their natural environment is impossible, as they have spent their entire life in captivity.

Marine sanctuaries around Europe were chosen as their final destination because ‘we know that other countries in the world do not offer the same guarantees’, according to Kremer.

Asterix Park, which is based on The Adventures of Asterix comic expects to reopen its doors to the public on April 3 depending on COVID-19 restrictions.

Picture: Pixabay

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