Get snug! ‘Possibility’ for snow in Gauteng this weekend

Posted by Anita Froneman on 15 June 2022

Winter has properly made itself known over the past few weeks in South Africa, with icy temperatures in the interior and heavy rain in the Western Cape. Some parts of the Drakensberg and Lesotho, as well as spots in the Northern Cape like Sutherland have already received dustings of snow.

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Now, it seems like Gauteng might get lucky too. ‘Our advanced snowfall forecast is showing a “possibility” of snow for Gauteng this coming weekend as a low-pressure system develops over Namibia,’ reports Snow News.

‘Our weather models indicate chances of widespread snowfalls, rainfall and sleet across all nine provinces including Southern Namibia including a big icy snap for the country. Lesotho and Afriski could see up to 20cm or more of snow,’ the service adds.

However, this is an advanced forecast and predictions may still change.

Picture: Getaway gallery


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