Gorillas, orangutans die in German zoo fire

Posted by Imogen Searra on 2 January 2020

A fire broke out at a west Germany zoo on New Year’s eve, destroying an endangered primate exhibit. Only two animals from this area survived the inferno. Among the animals that died were orangutans, gorillas, a chimpanzee, monkeys, fruit bats and birds.

According to Insider, approximately 30 animals were killed. It is believed that sky or Chinese lanterns, which are illegal across most of Germany, are what caused the devastating fire.

Gerd Hoppmann, the city’s head of criminal police told AFP that people reported that they had seen “cylindrical paper lanterns with little fires inside” floating near the area of the zoo. The first emergency calls were received by police and firefighters at 12:38 am.

Five orangutans, two gorillas, a chimpanzee and several monkeys, as well as fruit bats and birds, were killed after the ape house burnt down.

Firefighters were able to save two chimpanzees from the blaze. According to the zoo’s director, Wolfgang Dressen, the animals are in stable conditions but were burnt by the flames. Bally, a 40-year-old female chimpanzee and Limbo, a younger male were the survivors.

Image: Twitter



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