How the animals dealt with the floods in Kruger National Park

Posted by Imogen Searra on 22 February 2021

Following torrential downpour brought on by Tropical Storm Eloise at the beginning of 2021, the Kruger National Park was overwhelmed with water.

Rivers flooded, bridges were submerged, roads were closed and the animals had to work quickly to get out of harm’s way.

The north and south of the park took the brunt of Storm Eloise’s wrath but rainfall following her departure contributed to on-going flooding.

By February 10, approximately 220mm of rain fell in the south, while 300mm was recorded in the north.

Many Krugerholics pondered the fate of the animals and Getaway spoke to Isaac Phaahla, General Manager of Communications and Marketing of the Kruger National Park, who said: ‘Animals instinctively move to higher ground even before the storm arrives. Nature normally takes care of itself, we have never had to rescue any animals before but we do a regular flyover to observe infrastructure and should there be a need to assist animals in distress, we will do so.’

A compilation of footage from Latest Sightings shows various animals braving the wet weather. Two buffalos struggled to swim across a river, a hippo fought the strong current and positioned itself in the grass to prevent itself from being swept away.

A herd of impala were caught on an island surrounded by water and took a chance in swimming to safety, as was a cheetah.

Take a look at how the park’s inhabitants dealt with the floods below.


Picture: Screenshot from video

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