The 52-week plan to save for your next holiday

Posted on 27 January 2020

Saving for a holiday can seem an impossible task without a proper plan. Formulating a proper plan can also be tricky as it may be difficult to choose a set amount to put away. Depending on your monthly budget, putting away a lump sum each month may not be feasible or easy to stick to.

Rather than break the bank each month, put away a weekly amount. This small-step action plan is one way to help you save toward a hefty lump sum by the end of the year. If you’re feeling the effects of Janu-worry, don’t fear- the first four weeks require a saving of only R100.

If putting away a small amount each week is more achievable than a monthly lump sum, here is a 52-week guide on how to save R13,780.

Week 1 R10 Week 19 R190 Week 37 R370
Week 2 R20 Week 20 R200 Week 38 R380
Week 3 R30 Week 21 R210 Week 39 R390
Week 4 R40 Week 22 R220 Week 40 R400
Week 5 R50 Week 23 R230 Week 41 R410
Week 6 R60 Week 24 R240 Week 42 R420
Week 7 R70 Week 25 R250 Week 43 R430
Week 8 R80 Week 26 R260 Week 44 R440
Week 9 R90 Week 27 R270 Week 45 R450
Week 10 R100 Week 28 R280 Week 46 R460
Week 11 R110 Week 29 R290 Week 47 R470
Week 12 R120 Week 30 R300 Week 48 R480
Week 13 R130 Week 31 R310 Week 49 R490
Week 14 R140 Week 32 R320 Week 50 R500
Week 15 R150 Week 33 R330 Week 51 R510
Week 16 R160 Week 34 R340 Week 52 R520
Week 17 R170 Week 35 R350 Total R13,780
Week 18 R180 Week 36 R360


The table serves as a starting point savings plan. You can adjust the weekly amounts according to your needs. Of course if you can save more, then you will end up with more at the end of the year.

If you prefer to save a quarterly lump sum rather than a weekly amount, the saving amount per quarter will equate to R3,445 to save R13, 780 by the end of the 12 months. If you want to save a monthly lump sum, you will need to put away R1,150 per month for 12 months to save R13,800.


Some months may be more expensive than others, with unforeseen expenses. It is not necessary to stick to the weekly amount. You can for instance, cross off week 13 in week 5, giving you some leeway in case of an emergency. Crossing off the value at the end of each week can help you stay motivated to meet your financial goal.

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