Hyenas feast on young elephant outside Skukuza Golf Course

Posted by David Henning on 10 August 2021

A recent sighting near the entrance to the Skukuza Golf Club in the Kruger National park on 7 August 2021, revealed a clan of hyenas feasting on an elephant corpse.

The elephant has later moved away from the entrance, and the clan followed their kill until a lion came to claim it as his own. The carcass was later spotted with a lion enjoying the carcass.

There is still no official announcement regarding the elephant’s death .there is speculation that the elephant was successfully hunted by hyenas or that it may have collided with a car but no evidence or official statement has emerged to validify these claims.

The video below shows the hyena’s feasting on the carcass while some take a post-meal nap

Picture: Suresh Rajcoomar

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