Italy to reopen for tourists in June

Posted by Leila Stein on 18 May 2020

Italy has announced it will open its borders for tourists without a mandatory self-quarantine period from 3 June 2020.

As one of the hardest hit countries, Italy has been under strict lockdown and has enforced a travel ban since March.

This will open up the country for the summer tourist season, opening regional and international borders. The EU has recommended its external borders remain closed to those from outside this area until at least 15 June.

Italy’s announcement also allows Italians to move around internally, something which has been severely restricted after internal travel was identified as a major cause for the spread of COVID-19 from the north to the south.

Like other countries slowly coming out of lockdown, however, all internal travel will be monitored with local authorities having the power to close off access and halt this movement if infection rates spike in a specific area.

The country’s shutdown has significant economic impacts, with the tourist industry taking a major hit. Italy is a major tourist destination with the sector making up 13% of its GDP, according to Forbes. 

Despite the introduction of travel bubbles in the EU and countries relaxing their borders, many major players like the US have advised against all international travel while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing.

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Image: Twitter/JamesAlmas

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