Kruger lions go easy on intruding leopard

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 15 August 2019

Kerry Balaam, a professional safari guide, captured footage of a tense situation between an intruding male leopard and a pride of lions in the Lower Sabie region of the Kruger National Park on the Women’s Day long weekend recently.

‘Just after my guests and I left Lower Sabie camp, one of the busiest camps in the Kruger Park, we found a pride of lions,’ Balaam told safari sightings platform, Latest Sightings.

As the footage shows, Balaam a professional guide for Kruger Pride Safaris, and her guests encountered what was confirmed to be a male leopard in the midst of the lions’ camp. The leopard remained submissive, biding his time before taking any chances at a quick escape from three lionesses and a calm male lion lying close to him.

At one point, with his teeth bared, he rolls around with his paws in the air, and appears to be having a go at the lioness nearest to him. He remains on his back, and was ‘doing a very good job’ according to Balaam, who remarks how the leopard was doing well in handling the situation, exhibiting ‘very submissive behaviour’.

Featured image: Unsplash

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