Leopard seal spotted on Robberg Beach

Posted by Imogen Searra on 11 August 2020

A leopard seal was spotted on Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay making its way toward the surf. This is as rare a sighting as they come as their usual range are the chilly waters of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic islands.

These animals have, however, been recorded very few times along South Africa’s coastline.

A video captured by Leela Verity that was shared to Facebook by Plettenberg Bay Tourism shows the animal making its way from the shoreline toward the ocean. In a statement, Plettenberg Bay Tourism encouraged onlookers to socially distance themselves from the seal.

‘Marine biologist, Dr Gwenith Penry reminds us that we should not approach him if he is spotted again as leopard seals are apex predators with large teeth and powerful jaws. Please keep your distance. If you do encounter any wildlife that you suspect is stranded, please do not approach – social distancing essential – but rather contact CapeNature or ORCA Foundation for assistance.’

Watch the video below:

If you find an animal along Robberg Beach that seems as if it needs assistance, contact the Robberg Nature Reserve that is run by CapeNature call: 044 533 2125

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Image credit: Screenshot from Facebook video

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