Let sleeping buffalos lie

Posted by Imogen Searra on 27 January 2021

Two buffalo bulls were enjoying some quiet time in the Sand River that extends through MalaMala Game Reserve, completely unaware of their surroundings. The animals received a rude awakening when the river quickly began to flood.

Tropical Storm Eloise brought major flooding to the Kruger National Park over the weekend and surrounding bodies of water benefited greatly from the downpour.

Mike Kirkman, a guide at MalaMala Game Reserve managed to film the animals coming to their senses and fleeing the scene. He shared the video with Latest Sightings.

The video shows the two bulls seeking refuge near the river taking little note of the rising water levels. In the background, the unmistakable call of the woodland kingfisher can be heard.

One of the buffalos who wasn’t quite asleep gets up first before his companion, who was catching a snooze, allows the water to encompass his body before standing up and slowly moving off.

Watch the water wading buffalos below:

Image: Screenshot from video

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