LIFT cabin crew assists mother giving birth at King Shaka airport

Posted on 24 June 2024 By Savanna Douglas

A LIFT cabin crew operating a recent flight from Durban to Cape Town assisted a pregnant woman while she gave birth. 

The incident occurred before flight GE375, heading from Durban to Cape Town, on Monday last week.

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Shortly after boarding the flight on Monday evening, the pregnant woman expressed to the cabin crew that she had not been feeling well. The LIFT team immediately sprung into action.

The mom-to-be was helped by the crew, who assisted in disembarking before the flight set off for its Cape Town destination.

“Safety is always our priority, and while the mother was under the regulated 32-week mark, it was safest for her to disembark.” said LIFT CEO, Jonathan Ayache, as per Good Things Guy.

Ayache added that while the gate staff assisted in securing a wheelchair for disembarking, the expecting mom confirmed that she had in fact gone into labour.

Staff, as well as two doctors on board, immediately stepped in, and the baby was born within minutes, as per RNews.

After welcoming her newborn baby with the outstanding help of the crew and doctors, emergency services promptly arrived to transport the mom and baby to Ethekwini Hospital in Newlands, Durban.

As per reports, LIFT has since confirmed that both mom and baby are safe and healthy.

Flight attendants have long been lauded as the unsung heroes of the skies – a shining reputation upheld in instances just like this.

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