Reasons you could be barred from boarding a flight | Viral video explains

Posted on 23 June 2024 By Louise Bell

Flight attendants on domestic and international flights have various responsibilities on duty, including the safety and protection of their passengers. Sandra Jeenie Kwon, also known as @jeenie.weenie by her social media following, explains a few obscure grounds for denying flyers to board a flight in a recent video. 

Unsplash/Lukas Souza

While these reasons might not warrant immediate dismissal from passengers’ flights, she details how a few factors could potentially get you kicked off by a flight attendant or airline official. From understandable to eyebrow-raising, here are the nine reasons summarised:

  • Being very sick
  • Heavily intoxicated
  • Overweight (if you cannot buckle your seatbelt even with the extender in place)
  • Being barefoot
  • If you’re heavily pregnant (and you don’t have a note from your doctor that clears you for air travel)
  • Bad odour
  • Unpleasant odour from your carry-on baggage
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing
  • Disrespectful behaviour

For further details, you can watch the full video here:

@jeenie.weenie Beware! Airlines can deny you boarding for these reasons! #flights ♬ original sound – JEENIE

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