Lufthansa will complete its longest ever flight next month

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 25 January 2021

Lufthansa will be operating its longest-ever flight on February 1. The flight path will take the German national carrier from Hamburg to the Falkland Islands in South America.

Lufthansa will complete its longest ever flight next month

Lufthansa will complete the longest passenger flight in its history next month.

The flight will depart from Hamburg to Mount Pleasant, a Royal Air Force station in the Falkland Islands off the coast of South America, and in turn, will set a new personal record for its longest flight. The journey total over 13,600 km and will take around 15 hours to complete. It will also beat the airlines’ previous record, which was an 11,400 km, 13 hours flight between Frankfurt and Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to The Points Guy.

The record-breaking flight, Lufthansa Flight 2574, will carry a total of 92 passengers aboard an Airbus A350-900. According to Airbus, the A350-900 has a total range of 15,000km and can seat up to 300 passengers.

A majority of the passengers on the Lufthansa Flight 2574 will be made up of scientists heading to Antarctica to conduct research and experiments. Once the flight lands in the Falkland Islands, the scientists will continue on their journey to Antarctica via the Polarstern, a  specially equipped icebreaker vessel.

While this flight might sound like a gruelling journey, it is not the longest flight in aviation. That title belongs to Singapore Airlines and its 19-hour, 15,300 km flight from Singapore’s Changi Airport to New York’s JFK Airport.


Picture: Twitter/@lufthansaNews

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