Malawi brings back plastic bag ban

Posted on 6 August 2019

The High Court of Malawi has just reintroduced the ban on plastic bags.

In 2015 the government introduced a ban on thin plastic bags of less than 60 microns, claiming that these posed a threat to the environment due to their long decomposition period. The ban was overturned, however, following the outcry from businesses and plastic manufacturers who felt it was imposing on their businesses.

Image credit: Jonelle Kimbrough

Legislation was reintroduced last Thursday 1 August, and while seven judges on the panel dismissed appeals from local entreprises, the Court maintains that businesses were given sufficient warning and time to adjust, reported Malawi’s Nyasa Times.

Companies that continue to produce plastic bags will be in violation of this ban and face closure of their factories.

Malawi now rejoins the growing group of African countries and governments heeding the call to protect the environment.

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Image: Jonelle Kimbrough



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