More flights delays in Hong Kong

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 13 August 2019

Hong Kong International Airport reopened this morning and is trying to reschedule flights after its operations were severely disrupted by protestors yesterday.

According to Al Jazeera, this morning ‘stranded passengers were seen lining up to catch their delayed flights, as airport authorities announced that it will implement rescheduling while blaming demonstrators for the disruption at one of the world’s busiest airports’.

Screens in the departure hall show ‘boarding soon’, however, according to the South China Post, up to 160 outbound and 150 inbound flights have already been cancelled for the remainder of Tuesday.

South African traveller Kerry Dickinson, speaking to the Associated Press, said she doubts if she will ever fly to Hong Kong again after experiencing these delays.

‘I’m trying for the third time to get out of here. So yeah, it’s a bit rough when your luggage is (on) one side and you’re (on) one side. No, it hasn’t been funny,’ she said.

Some protestors have stuck up placards apologising for the inconvenience, stating that they are ‘fighting for survival’.

China’s government in Beijing has responded to the protest action rather ominously, saying that the movement is approaching ‘terrorism’ that poses an ‘existential threat’ to Hong Kong’s citizens.

Image: Vanessa Paech/Twitter 

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