‘Neon’ waves light up California beach

Posted by Anita Froneman on 21 May 2020

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us. Bioluminescent plankton can glow in the dark and light up water or sand. Earlier this year, we saw glowing water in False Bay in the Western Cape.

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In California, another ‘phytoplankton bloom’ had visitors in awe when the waves lit up in an electrifying neon blue.

During the day the algae rise to the surface to capture sunlight, with millions of the microscopic organisms present in every litre of seawater. During nighttime, these organisms will glow when friction occurs, such as crashing waves or movement in the sand.

As California’s beaches recently opened again, visitors were overjoyed to experience the bioluminescence. Some played in the sand while others swam and even surfed.

Take a look at this incredible phenomenon:


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Image credit: Instagram/VeniceCalifornia

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