Netflix releases animation film based on SA’s Seal Island

Posted by David Henning on 21 January 2022

Triggerfish Animation Studios in Cape Town have made a big splash on Netflix with a new film that follows Quin, a fearless seal who lives on Seal Island and decides to stand up to the menacing sharks surrounding the island.

The story was written by Cape Town-based screenwriter and director at Triggerfish, Greig Cameron, who said in an interview with Litnet that he drew inspiration from silly 80’s action movies he watched as a child.

‘The premise of the film is drawn from the real-life Seal Island, which is surrounded by great white sharks that literally jump metres out the water to munch on pups…It is about arfing, flipper-flapping, blubber-filled sea doggoes forming a military team.’

National Geographic revealed that fur seals actually have a defence strategy to combat sharks, so a real-life ‘Seal Team’ could be out there.

Seal Team premiered on Netflix on 31 December 2021, and it’s great to see content on major platforms like Netflix which draw inspiration from our backyard in South Africa. Watch the trailer here.


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