Over 150 animals rescued from deplorable conditions

Posted on 20 November 2020

The Randburg SPCA has rescued over 150 wild animals being held in ‘horrific’ conditions in a house in Emmarentia, Gauteng on November 14.

The team also removed several dead animals.

The SPCA Inspectorate received a tip-off alleging that there were a large amount of exotic animals kept on a premises in Emmarentia.

Inspectors responded to the complaint, and on arrival, immediately noticed the dwelling was unkempt and cluttered.

‘Parrots could be heard inside the house and empty glass animal containers lined the outside of the dwelling,’ the SPCA said in a statement.

‘Inspector Shiven Bodasing and Inspector Bradley Hughes proceeded to engage with the owner of the premises, as soon as the front door opened, the hearts of both inspectors sank. They observed horrific conditions. Dozens of Chinchillas were seen stacked on top of each other, in utter darkness and the stench of ammonia, nearly knocked both inspectors off their feet.

‘The Inspectors immediately sprung into action, soon additional vehicles where at the premises, members of the Parkview SAPS Crime Prevention unit and additional volunteers were ready to begin the task of removing all the animals.

‘The premises was opened and searched, a new horror was discovered around every corner. The animals were suffering. Among the Chinchillas, Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Parrots, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, a Red Eared Slider, and a Boa was seized by the Randburg SPCA Inspectorate. The air in the house was so volatile that all the members were either coughing, sneezing or gagging.

‘The Inspectorate, Members of the SAPS, and volunteers worked for hours removing petrified and neglected animals from the premises. For some of the animals however, it was too late. Criminal charges are soon to follow. We are grateful to the complainant for her determination and willingness to assist, she is the true hero, without her those animals would have suffered in silence.

‘The moment you disregard and dismiss the needs of the animals in your possession on the basis that, those needs are contrary to and inconvenience your wishes, you have failed at pet ownership. What you want, and what the animals require may be irreconcilable.

‘Do not keep animals for the sake of having them, it is your responsibility to ensure they have quality of life,’ said Inspector S Bodasing, Head of Inspectorate.

The animals are currently housed at the Randburg SPCA, and they appealing to members of the public to assist with regards to their upkeep. The biggest needs are: Lucerne, fruit and veg, Chinchilla bathing sand and Parrot seed.

To contact the Inspectorate, email [email protected] or call 08340135042.







Pictures: Facebook/SPCA Randburg


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