Over 800 Radiated tortoises rescued from poachers in Madagascar

Posted by Leila Stein on 16 February 2021

The Turtle Survival Alliance in Madagascar (TSA) has safely rescued 811 juvenile Radiated tortoises from an illegal trade operation over the past weekend.

These tortoises were found in poor condition, weak and dehydrated after months without food or water. The discovery in Southern Madagascar is among a string of seizures over the last few months, according to the TSA.

Radiated tortises are critically endangered. Numbers of the entire population are unknown but are dwindling due to poaching. Their illegal trade is fueled by their position as a delicacy in Asian countries. According to Smithsonian Magazine, it is estimated that the tortoises sell for up to $50 (R722) each in China.

In Madagascar, they are often given as wedding gifts because of the belief that they have aphrodisiac qualities.

In a Facebook post, the TSA explained that the animals were being taken to the tortoise Conservation Center (TCC) where they would be given medical care. They will join the other 9,000 Radiated tortoises that have been confiscated from the illegal trade in the country.

800 Radiated Tortoises Rescued! But we still need your help!

This past weekend, TSA-Madagascar staff assisted in the…

Posted by Turtle Survival Alliance on Monday, 15 February 2021

The TSA are appealing to the public for help as they will need to build a new enclosure to effectively care for and quarantine the tortoises.

‘Additionally, the wild origin of these tortoises is believed to be known, so it’s imperative that they be kept separate from the existing population as part of our long-term and comprehensive Confiscation to Reintroduction Strategy,’ said the TSA in the post.

If you would like to assist the tortoises, you can make a donation to the TSA here.

Picture: TSA/Facebook

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