Researchers appeal to public for information on orca sightings in South Africa

Posted by Anita Froneman on 13 September 2021

Research foundation Sea Search reported a stunning sighting of killer whales in False Bay on Sunday, 14 September and shared some incredible footage on social media.

‘Reported through our local whale-watching group and luckily Dave Hurwitz of @simonstown_boat_company managed to shoot out in his usual record time to get some video and then kindly picked me up at Kalk Bay to try to get some data,’ Sea Search’s Simon Elwen said.

‘Alas even with a big group like this, between their long dives (around 8 minutes!), constant travel, bad light and the strong winds – we didn’t even get close to a biopsy and the few minutes of acoustic recordings were quiet but some nice photos (I’m sure Dave’s are better as they were more active early on).

‘At least 7 animals – two calves, two males (one I spotted in the catalogue quickly and I’ll check the rest tomorrow). Big thanks to Dave for helping us get out there quickly on a Sunday and collect data to learn more about these animals,’ Elwen added.

Images and video below by Simon Elwen:




Images below by Dave Hurwitz:







Sea Search is busy with a research project on killer whales around South Africa and appealed to the public to contact them with any photos or sightings of killer whales to help them identify individuals and movement of these animals along the coast.

Residents who have recent footage or information are welcome to contact Sea Search via their Facebook page or email [email protected]


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