Snow on Table Mountain

Posted on 31 August 2021

Once again there is snow on Table Mountain after a cold front moved over Cape Town on Friday.

Table Mountain Cable Way posted these images at 8:48 on the morning 28 August 2021. Snow was last reported here on 29 August, 2020.



Snow is an unusual occurrence on Table Mountain. Cape Town residents and others in the interior are feeling the bit of the current cold temperatures. On 26 August Snow Report South Africa predicted disruptive snow falls through some regions of South Africa and Lesotho this weekend. The report said that a number of high peaks in the Western Cape may get around 50 cm and as much as 10cm possible for Table Mountain.

As of Saturday afternoon snow is falling heavily on Matroosberg in the Western Cape, and light snow is falling as far as south-west Kwazulu-Natal, as reported by a Richmond resident.

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