Spanish emergency services ‘thanked’ by drone show

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 29 June 2020

Spain has been hit hard by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. As of June 29, the country has over 290 000 coronavirus cases and over 28,000 deaths, according to worldometers.

To remember those affected by the coronavirus and honour the Spanish emergency service workers that put their lives at risk on a daily basis, a Spanish company named UMILES Group sent 40 pre-programmed drones into the night sky to perform a memorising 10-minute long aerial ballet.

Along with performing a playful dance high above the city of Madrid, the drones also formed words of encouragement like ‘Hope’ and ‘Heroes’ and a variety of shapes that include a heart, two people holding hands, and the flags of Spain, Italy, Germany, France, China and the USA. The location as to were the drones performance would take place was kept a secret by the organizers as a pay to prevent large crowds from forming, according to reports from WFLA.

Take a look at what went into making the awe-inspiring performance possible below:

Image credit: Screenshot from YouTube video

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