Supersonic jet: now with live-streaming TVs as walls

Posted by Kati Auld on 19 February 2014

This supersonic jet will get you from London to New York in half the time; but instead of windows, screens will live-stream what’s going on outside.

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Photo by Spike Aerospace


Finally, someone is bringing supersonic travel to the masses! Any discerning CEO now has the option of shelling out a cool $80 million for the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet – the latest (and coolest) thing to come out of aerospace engineering. OK, so it isn’t going to be a reality for a while, but here’s why people are getting excited anyway. The limitations of supersonic travel mean that windows are remarkably difficult to incorporate, so the smarty-pants engineers at Spike Aerospace have done some out-the-box thinking. The jet is designed to have super-thin screens covering the walls, which will live-stream a panorama of the outside scenery. Yes, it’s easier to cover the exterior of your jet with tiny cameras than it is to have windows. The things you learn on the Internet!

The screens can be dimmed for sleep, or play pre-loaded ambient scenes (ocean scenes? Sunset over Machu Picchu? Unicorns frolicking over fluffy clouds? We’d love to know).

Look, the idea of getting to Switzerland for a weekend, or going to Zanzibar for lunch, does sound pretty appealing. If you’re running short on time but absolutely rolling in cash, you can get involved already – they’ve released a crowd-funding campaign. Have a look at their pitch here:


Spike Aerospace Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign from Spike Aerospace on Vimeo.

What do you think: is supersonic flight going to be the norm one day, or is this all just a flight of fancy?


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