Take a look at the world’s largest underwater restaurant

Posted by Leila Stein on 6 November 2019

The world’s largest underwater restaurant opened in Norway this year. The dining room is submerged five and a half meters below the surface.

Perched on the shoreline of Spangereid, guests can sit and watch the fish swim past through a 10m high panoramic window built up from the sea bed while enjoying their meal.

Created in partnership with Snøhetta, the restaurant is designed to integrate with its environment. Its thick, rough concrete walls function both as a protective barrier against the sea conditions and as an artificial reef, encouraging kelp and limpets to settle and grow on it.

Under aims to provide a journey into the unknown. By welcoming guests to immerse themselves in the Norwegian marine ecosystem, Under provides a new niche for underwater tourism. Each guest will be given a unique opportunity to experience a submerged universe, exploring marine life in ways they otherwise may never see,” says their website.

Diners are treated to locally sourced dishes which form part of their Immersion set menu “that plunges into the water,” according to their website. These seafood dishes include cob, lobster, mussels and truffle kelp which is a local type of seaweed.

This fine-dining experience doesn’t come cheap. The set menu costs NOK 2,250 (R3,633) without the additional wine-pairing at an extra NOK 1,450 (R2,340).

Image: Under/Facebook



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