The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route

Posted by David Henning on 13 June 2022

The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is a one-of-a-kind mountain bike tour, taking cyclists through the untamed wilderness of the Tuli Block of  Botswana’s eastern border. For five days, cyclists will brave the harsh elements of the bushveld in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe all the while raising funds for Children in the Wilderness (CITW).

The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route

CITW is a non-profit, which facilitates conservation through leadership development and education for rural children in Africa. Through their eco-club programmes, the CITW has influenced over 10 000 learners in 32 community schools across Southern Africa.

‘Over the last 15 years, the Tour has hosted approximately 3 900 participants and raised over R20 million for CITW. This, in turn, has enabled over 5 600 children to be hosted on our CITW camp programme, and over 11 000 children on the Eco-Club programme,’ commented Grant Woodrow, CITW South Africa board member.

With their focus on producing the next generation of decision-makers to also think sustainably, this will have knock- effects on the community. Adults tend to be hard-headed, but if you can influence a generation of young minds,  not only will they grow up as custodians of nature, but will also go home and inform their families.

‘Nedbank is proud to have been associated with this unique and exciting African adventure for the past decade,’ Said Kelly Thomson, sponsorship manager a Nedbank, commenting on how this aligns with their ethos ‘in supporting surrounding communities’.

The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route

For the riders, Nedbank and event organisers go the extra mile to ensure a great ride for all participants. traversing unmarked routes, each riding group has two guides through the pristine wilderness. Elephants are a common sight and the beauty of it all is that it is not a race.

If riders want to stop to look at the game, take pictures or just admire some the views on offer, they can. When the day’s cycling comes to an end, riders will arrive at a fully set up camp. One thing that came through was the sense of community among the riders.

The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route


The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route

Five days through harsh terrain and carrying your bike across river crossings is likely to instil a sense of comradery, and it seems as though once you finish a Nedbank Tour de Tuli, it stays with you afterwards.

The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route

This world-class mountain bike tour is renowned for the unique experience it offers, riding through some of Africa’s most pristine wildlife and geologically rich areas. The event follows strict environmental practices, working with communities and traversing unforgettable routes, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in their amazing wilderness surroundings.

The route

Each year, the route is tailored to ensure that the Tour remains exciting and continues to incorporate new regions and cultural sites. This year’s route will once again traverse the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area.

The Nedbank Tour de Tuli is back with a new route

Upholding its 16-year tradition, the riders predominantly follow ancient elephant trails and rural tracks, allowing participants the opportunity to experience cultural interactions with villagers, while also spotting wildlife against the backdrop of Africa’s unspoiled natural wilderness – a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list journey. The guides went on a recon trip to meticulously plan this route and ensure that participants have the best experience possible.

Starting and ending at the World Heritage Site in South Africa, the riding route takes adventure-seekers through two protected wilderness areas – the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, in Botswana, and the multi-country Mapungubwe National Park. Riders cover between 60 km and 85 km per day, over a course of four consecutive days, by which time they will have covered approximately 300 km of mountain biking trails

For more information or to sign up, visit the Nedbank Tour de Tuli website.

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