New eco-trail to historic spacecraft crash landing site in Russia

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 10 September 2020

In 1965, Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made history when he became the first human to complete a successful spacewalk, which lasted a total of 12 minutes. Unfortunately, tragedy struck upon his arrival back down to Earth when his spacecraft failed due to a malfunction, resulting in it plummeting to the ground and crashing 300km north of the city of Perm in Russia, far beyond the intended landing site.

Tourists can now visit the secluded crash landing site of the Russian Voskhod-2 spacecraft.

New eco-trail to historic spacecraft crash landing site in Russia

Tourists can now reach the crash landing site via a hiking trail.

Leonov and fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyayev managed to survive the crash, but their ordeal didn’t end there. The two astronauts were forced to spend a number of days surviving in sub-zero temperatures before the Soviet government managed to rescue them from the remote crash landing site.

Ever since this incident occurred the historic site has remained trapped behind the dense forest which surrounds it. Now, that has all changed thanks to a brand new 400-metre long eco-trail pathway called  ‘Perm Space’ that winds through the dense forests and leads to the site, according to EuroNews.

The pathway was funded by a government grant to a charitable organisation called Parma and built by a number of volunteers. Along with providing both tourists and locals with an easy way to access the historical site, the pathway will include a campsite for visitors to stay at, a gazebo, and toilet. Parma are also looking to install a life-size model of the space capsule at the site as a to commemorate the historic moment, according to Lonely Planet.

Take a look at the construction of the pathway below:


Image: VK/ PERM COSMOS Social project

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