Tourist taking selfie falls into canal in Venice

Posted on 29 November 2019

A video of a tourist wading through the floodwaters of Venice and then falling into a canal has garnered a fair amount of reaction online.

The video shared on Twitter shows the unidentified man holding a phone at the end of a long selfie stick, who appears to be either taking photos or video or himself.

According to US media outlet Fox News, the video has been viewed over 5 million times and reactions to the incident have been varied, with one Twitter user saying ‘I’m going to hell for laughing’.

‘He may drown…but he’s going to try to save that phone,’ another person tweeted.

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A sceptical Twitter user said: ‘You can see the floor in the shallow end, he looks at it and he takes a smaller step just to reach the edge then takes a big step. I’m sending fake.’

This was rebutted by another person who tweeted a reply, ‘The “shallow end” is a flooded sidewalk, the “deep end” is the actual canal. He probably didn’t realize there was a canal there.’

Whether it was staged or a real accident, it does look rather funny, however, it’s hard to imagine someone willingly taking a dip in water that’s no doubt rather unsanitary.


Image: Twitter

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