World’s Longest Walk? Cape Town to Magadan

Posted on 29 November 2019

The Proclaimers might have said they would walk 500 miles, but would you walk 22,387km (13,910 miles) from Cape Town to Magadan, Russia?

A user on Reddit posted what they hypothesised as the longest possible continuous walk across the planet on Google Maps, which starts in Cape Town and ends In Vladivostok.  This hypothetical route spans 21,212 km. However, the user was quickly corrected as others pointed out that Magadan in Russia adds another 1,175km to the journey.

This trip would require incredible fitness as Google Maps estimates that this longest journey would take 4,492 hours, or 187 days, of non-stop walking. According to, the journey would entail the equivalent of doing 13 round trips up and down Everest (ascending a total of 117,693m and descending 117,686m).

To do this walk, you would need to travel through 16 countries, some of which are difficult to get into as a tourist and could mean passing through places known for civil war and unstable governments, including South Sudan and Syria.

You would also need to pack effeciently, as you’d expeience multiple seasons, in very different climates.

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Image: Google Maps



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