Turkish Airlines suspends all flights to South Africa

Posted on 21 December 2020

Turkish Airlines has made the decision to suspend all flights to and from South Africa, as well as the UK, Netherlands and Denmark. This comes after the large rise in COVID-19 infections in these countries.

All Turkish Airlines flights to South Africa are cancelled. Picture: Twitter / Turkish Airlines.

In a Tweet, the airline wrote: ‘Dear Passengers, In line with the official authorities’ decisions and the precautions we take for your health; our the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa flights have been suspended. We will continue to follow the new developments and inform you accordingly.

‘All testing and quarantine procedures will be applied to the passengers who are currently on flights from countries under flight suspension. We’re taking the necessary precautions in coordination with the related authorities.’

Recently, British Airlines dropped Durban from its destination list and Germany plans to ban all flights to and from South Africa and the UK.

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