Video captures vehicle trapped under floodwater in Northern Cape

Posted by Anita Froneman on 22 December 2020

A video captured by an unknown bystander shows a vehicle completely under water in what appears to be a flooded river in the Northern Cape. A man can be seen climbing out of the window on the passenger side, but it is unclear what happens after.

Storm Report SA shared the video on social media, asking if anyone has more information about the incident.

‘As received by Craig Powell. Apparently this happened in the Kenhardt area in the Northern Cape today. We have no idea who took the video. Does anyone have more info on this video?’ Storm Report SA said on Facebook. 

Viewers expressed their concern for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle, with many worried about there being children or animals trapped inside. ‘I hope the person in the jeep got saved – I saw him waving his arm at the cameraman,’ one Facebook user commented.

Another saw the lighter side, saying ‘Hoop die mense is okei, maar is daar nie ‘n makliker manier om jou kar te was nie? (Hope the people are okay, but isn’t there an easier way to wash your car?)’

More information about the incident has not yet come to light.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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