!Khwa ttu wins water sustainability award

In the four years since its inception, the Sanlam Top Destination Awards have set the benchmark for excellence in South Africa’s tourism industry by celebrating key players in the South African travel sector. This year a new Water Sustainability Award has been introduced to encourage service providers in the travel industry to take water conservation seriously.

The tented camp at !Khwa ttu, winner of the Water Sustainability Award.

The awards feature 10 categories that range from the best backpackers, B&Bs, lodges, game lodges and other various accommodation offerings. The newly introduced Water Sustainability Award was created in conjunction with Water 4 Cape Town and Cape Town Tourism.

Sanlam Top Destination Awards founder and Director of Discount Traveler, Jonathan Pepler, explains: “By introducing this award the aim is to put a spotlight on an establishment that has truly gone beyond the call of duty to conserve water. It serves as a beacon to other establishments to follow this outstanding example and further the efforts of all South African businesses to do their part.”

The Water Sustainability Award was awarded to !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre. “!Khwa ttu achieved almost all objectives measured in our survey and outstripped all their counterparts in the efforts they employed to conduct a water-efficient business. The entire business process had incorporated water-saving methods, from check in, during stay, housekeeping, external entertainment facilities, management and on-going training were all measured in terms of the depth of innovation and commitment to maintain water-efficient measures put in place,” said Jonathan Pepler.

Some of the most common far-reaching measures seen employed by the nominees of this year’s Sanlam Top Destination Awards include:

  • reduction in usage
  • metering usage to monitor use in each instance and ensure no leaks go undetected
  • harvesting rainwater.
  • grey water recycling
  • wastewater treatment for re-use
  • using non-potable water for sanitation purposes
  • clear instructions to all target audiences on how to conduct a water-efficient environment
  • focused employee training programmes
  • dedicated management executive to manage water-efficacy
  • implementing water-efficient mechanisms in all water systems at venues
  • using water-efficient equipment in cooking, cleaning, laundry and gardening management
  • adoption of waterless products and eradication of alien vegetation.

Highlighting water scarcity with this award is a win-win in terms of conservation, noted Pepler. He expects a renewed vigour with next year’s efforts from establishments to win the Sanlam Top Destination Awards Water Sustainability Award. “Early in 2019 we will launch a wider focused water sustainability award and motivate our top destinations to be global leaders for green living,”says Pepler.

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